We Are The Shift

By Marissa Goldstein

Gratifly Music & Arts Festival, held at the beautiful Avalon waters of West Minister, South Carolina, was a weekend of pure moment and ingenuity. Amidst the grounds there was a wide array of local artisans, including sustainable fashion and handmade jewelry, organic food vendors, permaculture workshops, energy healing, and mind expanding, live visionary art, together inspiring a more conscious way of living to those in attendance and beyond.

Wise Owl contemplates this type of transformational gathering as a way to reconnect with our roots, our tribe, our brothers and sisters, our Earth. We see these festivals as a tool in which individuals can open themselves up to an entire realm of revolutionary possibilities. The creativity that is born and bred at these communal events is enough to have anyone overflowing with the desire to leave a more positive trace.

The people we connect with at these gatherings, the conversations we indulge in, the rhythmic waves that move us, move our bodies, move our minds, move our souls; all of this ignites a spark. A spark that needs fuel to grow. By connecting our stories we are able to expand one another with unique insight and knowledge. By walking with our hearts beaming outward, yearning to learn and grow consciously and creatively, we are able to fuel this fire.

At Wise Owl we want to use these transformational experiences as an instrument to fulfill our vision to sustain. Returning to a sacred place of community we are able to feed our newfound energy and growth as individuals, as a tribe, as a brand, as Wise Owl, continuously growing, reusing, and refueling our roots, our Earth and our home.


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