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By Marissa Goldstein


In a time where consumers are becoming more conscious about how they are impacting Earth, Wise Owl Shop continues to work hard spreading awareness through recycling, reusing and reuniting consumers with a sense of oneness towards the air they breath and the land they lay on.   

Here is a sneak peak behind our latest photo shoot, which welcomes an abundance of warm and vibrant colors. To unify your circadian rhythm with the Earth’s, our one-of-a-kind up-cycled neck warmers feature the Wise Owl handmade tree button. Finding use for fallen tree limbs, we collect and we re-create, keeping our promise to re-use and sustain. 

We want to also welcome our updated knit neck warmers to the tribe. Made from soft acrylic these versatile neck warmers now come with unique closures including toggles or knitting needles. Now you can wear your neck warmer in any way that feels right for you. They come in a variety of colors for any occasion and are knitted with much light and love!

Keep reading our Blog and visiting our website for new and exciting additions. The Wise Owl team and Mother Earth are so grateful for your support!


Wise Owl Shop


Designer/Owner: Ashleigh Loeffler

Photographer(s): Marissa Goldstein, Ashleigh Loeffler

Model: Kira Frank


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