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Wise Owl Shop collaborates with TriSymbolize Glass

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As we continue to create the lives we have envisioned; we are now joining forces on the vending scene. Thats right my hubby, Kevin Smolark of TriSymbolize Glass and Wise Owl Shop will now be vending together in a collaborative booth space. It is very exciting to us to share both of our work together in one space. Visit us at one of the many events we have planned together for 2014.

Check out Kevins' new line of ascension jewelry.


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  • Marlene Smolark on

    I am so happy and proud of your accomplishments through the years. You are both gifted and show it through your work.
    Wishing you continued success.

    The other mom:) (Smolark)

  • Mom on

    I’m so very proud of you both☆♡

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